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Blogger - News
[03-13-2007] New Firmware for Generation 4 Archos!
[03-13-2007] New Archos devices official!
[03-01-2007] Preorder Archos 704wifi!
[02-18-2007] New 704wifi on sale in Singapore...!!
[02-14-2007] Generation 4 Sourcecode Available!
[02-08-2007] Generation 4 - Archos Survey
[02-02-2007] PocketDivXEncoder updated!
[01-04-2007] Archos! This it how it goes...!
[11-26-2006] Archos Icon for your Desktop --> UPDATE
[10-11-2006] Wanna pimp your Archos..?
Website - News
[02-08-2007] Added Generation 4 Archos Survey
[02-01-2007] Added 604wifi optimized page
[11-03-2006] Archos Search Engine up for testing
[10-29-2006] Added Fury's Archos Store - Have fun shopping at Fury's
Accessory of the week
Archos External Battery Charger

Charge your spare battery before going on a trip. Works with AV500, AV700, 604 and 604wifi. Charges your batteries within 3-4 hours - no need to waste your time while charging thru USB. Find out more.

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